Kolkata 2005

A portrait of North Kolkata (Calcutta), this film searches the streets for the ebb and flow of humanity and reflects the changing landscape of a city at once medieval and modern. -Mark Toscano

[email protected] 2010

Director Suman Mukhopadhyay has strung three stories of Nabarun Bhattacharya Ek Tukro Nyloner Dori, Amar Kono Bhoy Nei Toh and Angshik Chandragrahan to create this film. The story of the film revolves around the people and their life of Kolkata metropolitan city.[1] The film explores the different worlds of Manmatha, Jagadish, Biren, Rohit, Rongili and Kamalini. Manmatha and Jagadish belong to different economic and social class. Biren is jobless. Rohit is an NRI, Kamalini is wife of Rohit. Rohit has a relationship with Rangili, another woman. ~Wikipedia

Kolkata Calling 2014

Kolkata Calling movie stories surrounding three women of different levels. Three different levels of people's lives, but somehow causing the problem comes after three confusing and ...

Target Kolkata 2013

The City of Joy, is a “target” for a gang of terrorists. The story carries the heroism of two persons Surya and Ganga. Surya who was assigned to the duty of imprisoning the culprits responsible for the explosion that shook the city and its inhabitants were in the grip of fear. Ganga was a hardworking lad and believed in doing anything that came his way.

Tales from the Planet Kolkata 1993

A personal film about a city that may only exist in a film or on TV; a film about various dreams about Calcutta. It starts with a variation on the first image of Francis Ford Coppola's ‘Apocalypse Now’ and takes the spectator along through a strange file full of ideas and images of the city. Some images come from the North - Hollywood films and European television. The commentators are a local, traditional painter and an Afro-American video-artist from New York. [Echo Park Film Center // LA FilmForum]

The Horns of Kolkata

A documentary exploration into an essential automotive accessory on the streets of Kolkata. The cacophony stirred Andrew Scott to delve into the horns behind the ever-present honking.

Adda: Calcutta, Kolkata 2011

A day in the life of the city of Calcutta or Kolkata. A free-flowing, intimate portrait of the city and its people, using the Bengali phenomenon of "adda" -- informal conversations between groups of people that go on for hours at a stretch -- at street corners, cafes, markets and living rooms.

Mitti 2001

Ganga is sexually molested, assaulted, tortured and killed by a goon employed by Pagla Jaan, a Kolkata-based notorious gangster, whose wealth, power, and influence are beyond imagination. Deva undertakes to locate the killer, succeeds in his mission and beheads him publicly. Deva does not know that soon his friends' and family's lives will be endangered, and he, himself, will be hunted down - not only by an enraged Pagla Jaan and his army of goons - but also by the Police.

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